Sanford Center

Bemidji, Minnesota
Home to Bemidji State University NCAA Division I men’s and women’s ice hockey teams, the Sanford Center serves as a combination arena and convention/conference center, each with its own distinct entrance. It seats 4,300 for hockey and 5,700 for concerts, with 25 suites and 220 club seats. The convention center has four 2,000-SF meeting rooms and a 10,000-SF ballroom that can be subdivided. The event floor can expand to 30,000-SF to accommodate 150 exhibition booths. There are approximately 1,500 parking spaces, with commercial sites available for future development.


City of Bemidji

At a glance

193,000 SF

4.300 seat hockey venue

5,700 seat concert venue

25 suites

220 club seats

2,000 SF meeting rooms

10,000 SF ballroom

30,000 SF event floor

1,500 parking spaces


Flexible design solutions

Open plan concept

Promotion of natural light and finishes


Project management

Arena consulting

Architectural design

Engineering: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural

Construction phase services