Quanzhou Sansheng Headquarters

Quanzhou, People's Republic of China

Located along the Quanzhou City waterfront, this distinctive 100-M tower will serve as the office headquarters for Hong Kong manufacturer Sansheng Group Co., Ltd. Comprising a total of 46,000-SM (495,000-SF), this mixed-use facility provides 33,000-SM (355,000-SF) of Class ‘A’ office space, 7,000-SM (75,000-SF) of retail space, underground parking and a private club occupying the top four floors.

The building’s unique shape expresses the fluidity of water through the sinuous sculpting of the exterior form. Emerging from the ground plane and creating a figural linkage with the waterfront, the commercial levels organically envelop the tower. This creates inviting building entries, provides a rooftop promenade and culminates with a dramatic riverfront overlook. The tower uses a high-performance cladding system, incorporating triple-glazed low-e glass in a creative composition of transparent and opaque surfaces. A distinct geometric pattern defines the facade which changes vertically, creating a progression from opaque to semi-transparent to transparent, effectively de-materializing at the top of the building, creating dramatic views from the private club occupying the upper levels.


Quanzhou Sansheng Estate Development Co., Ltd

At a glance

46,000 SM (495,000 SF)

100 M (328 ft) tall

33,000 SM (355,000 SF) Class ‘A’ office space

7,000 SM (75,000 SF) retail space

Underground parking


Building shape expresses the “fluidity of water”

Top four floors house a private clu

Rooftop promenad

High-performance cladding system


Conceptual design