Minqiao Building Fuzhou

Fuzhou, Fujian Province, People's Republic of China

This new 86,000-SM (925,000-SF) mixed-use development located in Fuzhou, China, will contain government and commercial offices as well as three levels of commercial retail space. LEO A DALY’s design resolves the difficult site constraints associated with a narrow urban site while maximizing the allowable FAR of 11.20. As envisioned, the sustainable development features a 155-M (508-ft) commercial office tower coupled with a distinctly separate government office component.


Fujian Sansheng Estate Development Co., LTD

At a glance

86,000 SM (925,000 SF)

155-M (508-ft) tower

3 levels commercial retail

Mixed-use development


Contains government and commercial offices

Narrow urban site

Sustainable development


Architectural design