Lunch Box Foods, Production Expansion

Omaha, Nebraska

Lunch Box Foods produces healthy food (sandwiches, cheeses, and fruit assemblies) for sale in vending machines. Their facility in Omaha produces, assembles, packages, and then loads them in their trucks to make the deliveries.

Having outgrown their existing space, Lunch Box arranged with the building owner to expand into an adjacent bay within the same building. Our design team was able to transform their truck loading area into a modern USDA food assembly space, complete with refrigeration and sanitary walls and floors. By first relocating their truck loading function, Lunch Box didn’t lose a day of production throughout the expansion process.

The new space also allows them to incorporate a new packaging machine that doubled their capacity. The new space was temporarily used for the entire process, allowing them to renovate and transform the previous space into the food prep area. The renovation is expected to also help with employee retention and sales by impressing new customers.


Lunch Box Foods

At a glance

6,000 SF Production Expansion


New refrigeration space
New packaging machine and space that doubled their capacity
Transformed their truck loading area into a modern USDA food assembly space


Interior design
Structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and civil engineering
Construction administration services