Alacati Aegean Breeze Resort

Izmir, Turkey

Inspired by the breezes of the Aegean Sea, the motion of gulls in flight and the natural patterns of the landscape, LEO A DALY’s design captures the spirit of the region’s sailing and surfing culture and creates a level of intimacy and exclusivity intended to attract tourists from around the world. The master plan and concept fosters a beach-side resort experience that emphasizes views of the sea, while the composition of the hotel and villas focuses on the arid, rocky landscape.

The main attraction is the 102,000-SF marine park, which includes a multi-flume marine mountain and pool. The ground floor of the 134,000-SF (12,500-SM) hotel contains boutique stores, a hotel business center and a beauty center, while the lower level offers a 48,500-SF (4,500-SM) fitness center and spa, an indoor sky-lit pool club, hotel dining and retail.


Yavuzlar Project

At a glance

397,200 SF total (36,900 SM)

134,000 SF hotel (12,500 SM)

102,000 SF marine park (9,500 SM)



Boutique stores

Business center

Beauty center

Fitness center and spa

Indoor sky-lit pool




Master planning

Conceptual design

Architectural design