Wayne State College, Benthack Hall Renovation

Wayne, Nebraska

Wayne State College’s renovation of Benthack Hall, home of counseling, education, and the family and consumer sciences programs, aims to make an immediate impact on the region’s shortage of mental health practitioners. The renovated facility offers a dynamic learning environment that trains students in human service and counseling, while also providing mental health care for the surrounding community.

As with any 40+ year old campus building, Benthack Hall was outdated with typical deficiencies found in buildings of this era. To alleviate challenges with the existing facility by capitalizing on opportunities unique to Benthack Hall’s site and layout, we worked with Wayne State College, students, faculty, and key stakeholders to program a safe, accessible, modern and flexible facility designed to satisfy the needs of the College’s educational programs.

Updated classrooms on the first level allow for visual transparency both into the learning environment and out to the east campus. An Early Childhood Center was relocated to the first level, allowing for visual transparency both into the learning environment and out to the campus while also providing direct access to a new, secure playground. The relocation allows the program to be certified with the state of Nebraska. Updated offices on the main level allow for visual transparency in and out along with easy access to classrooms, providing impromptu learning outside the classroom spaces. A plaza oriented north of the building activates the campus’ major pedestrian corridor and create a new aesthetic and appearance.

The renovation includes a state-of-the-art counseling training clinic for students to perfect their psychotherapeutic practices with clients. The full-service training clinic will be supervised by licensed professional counselors serving people of all ages, families, and individuals experiencing a variety of diagnoses and treatment needs.


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At a glance

Hall renovation for counseling, education and family and consumer sciences programs

Programming focused on safety, accessibility and flexibility

Sustainable features

43,502 SF



Lecture hall

Early childhood development center with secure playground

Lecture hall

Pedestrian corridor/plaza




Interior design


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