Olive DTLA

Los Angeles, California

As the surrounding neighborhood was being revitalized, the owner wanted to create a multifamily development that would attract young professionals who wanted to live in the heart of the city. The neighborhood walkability and amenities make Olive DTLA an appealing place to live, along with its modern artsy and edgy aesthetic.

LEO A DALY’s design concept embraces the urban environment and builds on a raw interior envelope with clean lines. The owners did not want anything applied, such as wall coverings, instead allowing the building materials to speak for themselves. This resulted in a final design with exposed concrete walls, minimalistic lines and open ceilings. Artwork is a key design feature throughout the property, as designers infused the urban artwork scene from in and around Los Angeles into the space. Additionally, much of the artwork was created by local artists and artisans. The artists were selected based on their portfolio, and the design team was instrumental in reviewing their work and collaborating with them throughout the design phase.

The artwork and interior design work in tandem to create a collected and eclectic aesthetic throughout the lobby and public spaces. The lobby features a sculptural plaster artist who added an undulating texture on the wall at the front entry. The grand staircase brings openness to the space and surrounds a structural light fixture with linear LEDS. A laser cut metal cage was built around the elevators to create additional depth and texture. The clubhouse’s neutral base allows the art to take center stage. Cloudlike forms on the ceiling contain linear LED lighting, mirroring the lobby. Clean lines and angles repeat throughout the property, while sculptural pieces soften the exposed ceilings.


Patrinely Group

At a glance

Clubhouse lobby and public areas


Vibrant interiors with exposed ceiling, raw interior envelope and clean, modern aesthetic

Design features local artists and artisans


Interior design