Nebraska Medicine Biocontainment Unit

Omaha, Nebraska

The Nebraska Biocontainment Patient Care Unit (BPCU) is a 10-bed, 4,100-SF facility in the university tower. When originally constructed the unit was the first-of-its-kind and remains the largest in the US for public patients. The facility is designed to be environmentally self-contained for the treatment of patients having contracted any one of a variety of highly-contagious diseases.


Nebraska Medicine

At a glance

5 patient rooms

Environmental control system – 15 air changes per hour

Changing booths, pass-thru lockers


Decontamination, pass-through shower

Central work station

Video phones and windows for patient comfort


Secure entrance and exit

Unidirectional path of air, staff, equipment

Dedicated air-handling system that filters incoming and outgoing air using HEPA and UV light, with patient rooms kept at negative pressure

Specially treated surfaces withstand repeated disinfecting solutions

Air-tight welded and treated seams and drop-down ceilings to protect adjacent non-containment areas



Architectural design

Engineering: mechanical, electrical, and structural

Interior design