Love Church Omaha

Elkhorn, Nebraska

LEO A DALY partnered with Love Church Omaha to design a new, permanent home for the congregation. Prior to complete design, we provided programming verification, concept design and graphic support for a “Build the House” fundraising campaign. The total project cost is roughly $13 million, which includes state-of-the-art audio, video and lighting systems.

Exceptional acoustical outcomes informed material selection, and our lighting-design team leveraged the physics of light to develop realistic lighting animations and renderings. Through close collaboration between our designers and Love Church, we evaluated a variety of potential lighting configurations and fixtures. The result is a user experience that is immersive and distraction-free, achieved at optimum value. Enclosed using pre-cast concrete, the 38,000 square-foot building benefits from a cost-effective and constructable design.

A 360-degree viewable fireplace adorns the main lobby space using an innovative suspension design. Construction was completed in December 2020, and the congregation celebrated its grand opening on Christmas Eve.


Love Church Omaha

At a glance

38,000 square feet

$13 million project cost

Pre-cast concrete construction

Sophisticated lighting design


Fully suspended 360-degree viewable fireplace



Full architectural design services, engineering, interior design and construction administration