The Club at Ibis

West Palm Beach, Florida

LEO A DALY’s clubhouse renovation design includes a 25,000-SF, two-story addition and a completely redesigned sports village. Large format spaces added to the clubhouse create a warm, inviting feel consistent with the existing portions of the building. The client desired more ballroom space and a formal dining venue while addressing functional kitchen enhancements. LEO A DALY’s design moved the kitchen to a central location to better serve the dining venues. A large ballroom on the second floor overlooking the golf course increases event space for member activities, and renovated card rooms provide greater flexibility.

The sports village is comprised of 5,854 SF of pools and approximately 26,000 SF of building space, including a new spa, bistro restaurant, fitness center and locker rooms.


The Club at Ibis

At a glance

25,000 SF addition

5,854 SF pools

26,000 SF sports village


Ballroom space

Dining venue

Sport village comprised of a spa,
restaurant, fitness center and locker rooms


Master planning

Architectural design

Schematic design

Design development

Construction documents

Construction administration