Huanggang Village

Shenzhen, People's Republic of China

The master plan is a transformation of scales from the mountain and the heroic civic plaza to the ancestral temple, which is surrounded by smaller residential gardens and parks, and terminated by Huanggang Park. The architecture of the Huanggang Village Master Plan also transforms in scale and massing. Near the convention center and surrounding the “central park,” the buildings maintain the height and commercial use of the civic space to the north. South of the park, the buildings become residential and lower in height, with a more human scale and massing.

Vehicular circulation within the village master plan is directed from the access roads to the underground parking that surrounds the central park. This allows convenient access to commercial and residential buildings, but separates the autos from the high-use pedestrian central access and park. This central access offers a variety of urban experiences, from the “boulevard” or “boardwalk,” to a stroll in a large park, to small gardens with play places for children. Each type of space is connected and each has a place in relationship to the larger whole.


Shenzhen Huanggang Industrial Holdings Company Ltd.

At a glance

Land area: 503,800 SM

Gross floor area: 2,487,550 SM


Convention center

Large park



Office space


Master planning