Elko New Market Police Department

Elko New Market, Minnesota

The City of Elko New Market’s 100-year-old police station was exhibiting environmental and structural issues while lacking the ability to accommodate future growth of the department and current standards in policing. LEO A DALY studied the city’s current facilities and provided a matrix of renovation and expansion options to meet the department’s needs. Through collaboration and discussion with key stakeholders, the city determined that the best value for the community would be the creation of a cohesive municipal campus at its current City Hall, combining City Hall, police and fire department functions within one building.

LEO A DALY’s design provides a 6,100-SF addition to the existing 11,600-SF building with efficient new space for the existing police department staff of six officers. The space is flexible to allow the department to grow three-fold over the next 20 years. Key to the design is an emphasis on safety and security, and keeping public spaces separate from police functions, which was a challenge in the tight footprint. The police department lobby and interview rooms are publicly accessed through the City Hall, and all other functions are within a secured area. The evidence chain-of-custody is highly-efficient and secure. Intox/detainee areas are accessible from the police garage. The locker room is common to all officers with unisex changing/restrooms that can flex with staff mix.

The building remained operational during construction. Electrical/data switchovers were tightly coordinated to not adversely impact City Hall function, and the fire department had full access to the external circulation throughout all phases of the project. The expansion and renovation provides better joint services between the departments and a greater efficiency for the city.


City of Elko New Market

At a glance

Renovation and addition to create a cohesive municipal campus


Flexible work space for officers, with ability to accommodate growth over the next 20 years

Detailed phasing plan allowed existing building to remain operational throughout construction



Interior design

Civil, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering