East Bank of Yantai Outer Jia River Comprehensive Plan

Yantai, People's Republic of China

Located in the center of Yantai urban districts, the east bank of the Outer Jia River is occupied mostly by manufacturing plants, warehouses and farmland. A strategic plan to change the land use and make the area a tie between segregated urban areas is a top priority for the city government.

Environmental conservation is equally important to the government, as the Jia River watershed is the largest river, reservoir and wetland area in Yantai and home to several species of wild birds. LEO A DALY developed a comprehensive plan including a land use plan, ecological control plan and urban and landscape design. The design team incorporated design principles of mixed-use, smart growth and pedestrian-oriented communities, as well as the latest in sustainable technology, including green roofs, ecological water management and light pollution control. The design provided the city with an efficient transportation system, a feasible land use plan and dynamic urban spaces.


Wai Jia River Investment and Development Co. Ltd

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4,000 hectares (9,885 acres)


Plan for mixed-use community incorporating environmental conservation and sustainable design


Urban planning

Urban design

Landscape design