Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Master Plan Study

Cleveland, Ohio

In association with RS&H, Inc., LEO A DALY provided aviation planning expertise for the terminal portion of a 20-year Master Plan Study for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. An evaluation of existing terminal facilities, parts of which are more than sixty years old, was conducted to identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement. Based on projections of future facility requirements, LEO A DALY developed six concepts for terminal development. Working with airport stakeholders, these were narrowed down to three concepts for detailed evaluation. The evaluations were divided into seven metrics: vision/passenger experience, operational efficiency, flexibility, cost, non-aeronautical revenue potential, environmental impact and constructability/implementation complexity.

Based on the evaluations and discussions with stakeholders, a recommended scheme was selected and further developed to illustrate a plan for phased terminal redevelopment and expansion within financial analysis constraints.

The ultimate planning horizon development plan for 13.5 million annual passengers included: new and expanded concourses accommodating 58 gates, increasing the width and depth of the ticketing hall, consolidating three security screening checkpoints into one, new Federal Inspection Service facilities, expanded baggage handling systems, improved passenger circulation, opportunities for improved passenger amenities and opportunities for improved concession development.

The Master Plan preserves options for alternative development should economic or other conditions change and creates flexibility for expansion beyond the planning horizon.



City of Cleveland – Department of Port Control

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20-year Master Plan study

Scheme to illustrate a plan for phased terminal development

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