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Design for the future of treatment.

Increased hospitalization rates, disease diagnoses and trauma incidences are global healthcare challenges demanding advancements in patient-centered design. LEO A DALY is committed to advancing the health and wellness of communities, globally.

Across Public, Private, Community-based and Federal Healthcare LEO A DALY’s seasoned, multi-disciplinary, team collaborates with you for consensus-driven solutions to drive future-forward wellness, preventative care, advanced clinical operations and resilience, technology-driven operational cultures, capital resource management and beyond.

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LEO A DALY’s Gunner Riggert Selected as a Health Facility Institute Fellow

LEO A DALY’s Gunner Riggert Selected as a Health Facility Institute Fellow

The FHFI designation is the highest level of individual affiliation for the Health Facility Institute. It reflects the professional skill and competence gained through education, training, experience and demonstrated accomplishments ...

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Joshua A. Theodore
Vice President
Global Health Practice Leader
Sarvine Ashkan
Vice President
Market Sector Leader - Healthcare
Eduardo S. Egea
Vice President
Managing Principal
(786) 257-5955
Jeanine Mansour
Director of Healthcare Planning Projects
Dennis J. McFadden
Vice President
Global Design Principal
(213) 629-0100
Jeffrey S. Monzu
Vice President
Healthcare Market Sector Leader
Marsha M. Whitt
Vice President
Director of Operations
Peter A. Yakowicz
Vice President
Federal Healthcare Global Account Lead
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