Health design

Design for the future of treatment.

Increased hospitalization rates, disease diagnoses and trauma incidences are global healthcare challenges demanding advancements in patient-centered design. LEO A DALY is committed to advancing the health and wellness of communities, globally.

Across Public, Private, Community-based and Federal Healthcare LEO A DALY’s seasoned, multi-disciplinary, team collaborates with you for consensus-driven solutions to drive future-forward wellness, preventative care, advanced clinical operations and resilience, technology-driven operational cultures, capital resource management and beyond.

See the award-winning Hennepin County Medical Examiner Facility

Future-Proofing the Past through Adaptive Reuse

Future-Proofing the Past through Adaptive Reuse

Uncover the technologies and skills needed to enable adaptive reuse that transforms old buildings into sustainable spaces ...

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Joshua A. Theodore
Vice President
Global Health Practice Leader
Sarvine Ashkan
Vice President
Market Sector Leader - Healthcare
Eduardo S. Egea
Vice President
Managing Principal
(786) 257-5955
Jeanine Mansour
Director of Healthcare Planning Projects
Dennis J. McFadden
Vice President
Global Design Principal
(213) 629-0100
Jeffrey S. Monzu
Vice President
Healthcare Market Sector Leader
Marsha M. Whitt
Vice President
Director of Operations
Peter A. Yakowicz
Vice President
Federal Healthcare Global Account Lead
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