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Dustin Rehkamp Earns Distinct Healthcare Design Certification

LEO A DALY Celebrates Rehkamp’s Excellence and Leadership as he is board-certified by the American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA)

Dustin Rehkamp is an American College of Healthcare Architects board-certified healthcare architect

Of the 120,000+ licensed architects in the United States, only 405 are active Board-Certified healthcare architects through the American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA) and acknowledged by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Dustin Rehkamp, AIA, ACHA is proud to be a part of this distinguished network that also includes teammates Rebecca Davis and Jeff Monzu.

“In order to collaborate and innovate with healthcare clients, we need specific and continuous knowledge of how these complex facilities function from a business operations perspective too,” shared Rehkamp. “The ACHA certification program creates a dedicated network to improve healthcare design as it spotlights and connects the architects who have met the rigorous standards of this certification that signifies reliability, experience, and excellence in the practice of healthcare architecture.”

Rehkamp sees immense value in networking and knowledge sharing across the AEC industry. He cites the critical issue of losing the wisdom of several healthcare architects who are nearing retirement. “We need to focus on stopping information loss with succession planning. As we come together to advance patient care, we also come together to give the next generation a sustainable launch pad.”

Rehkamp has dedicated nearly all his 20-year architecture career to healthcare design. His success includes work with some of the largest healthcare organizations on complex projects that include campus planning and development, project management and client service.

“Dustin leads by example with experience and excellence,” celebrates Managing Principal Cindy McCleary, AIA. “In addition to being engaged and dedicated to healthcare, he intentionally invites other firms to join in the mission of advancing care and outcomes through integrated design knowledge sharing.”

Two of those recent dynamic panel-style presentations took place at the Minnesota Conference on Architecture 2023. Rehkamp includes other presenters and perspectives in detailed educational presentations on healthcare code requirements and the latest updates from the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) for healthcare. He believes this collective, non-competitive approach is critical to continuous improvement and creating healthy communities.