20-Massachusetts-Ave street level


Good design is sustainable design.

We practice integrated design – that means, on every project, every design discipline and stakeholder collaborates from the very beginning toward a holistic, sustainable, high-performance result. Together, we set measurable goals and seek opportunities to create value, maximize our impact on human health and the environment and optimize budget and timeline. Integrated design is good design. It’s good business. And it’s inherently sustainable.


It costs 50 percent more to rebuild after a disaster than to design to withstand it in the first place. Using site-specific data and research, we help our clients anticipate future challenges and craft cost-effective design solutions that allow them to avoid, minimize and bounce back from disasters.


Understanding the connections between the built environment and human health and wellbeing is a crucial component for design. Studies have shown conclusively that factors such as the amount of outside air, the quality of daylight, incorporation of biophilic principles and the chemical composition of building materials can all affect the building occupant’s health, cognitive function and overall satisfaction with their environment.

High-performance design

We use data and analysis tools to drive our designs. By analyzing design opportunities specific to climate conditions, building type and construction costs, we are able to maximize opportunities for energy efficiency, carbon reduction, daylight and indoor environmental quality.

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20-Massachusetts-Ave street level

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