Education design

Transforming futures. Enhancing outcomes.

Learning institutions are workshops for transforming futures. Guided by this conviction, we approach educational design equipped with the best evidence available to increase learning and enhance student outcomes. We have a wide base of experience, from specialized laboratories, to state-of-the-art libraries, to vibrant student life centers, to active-learning classrooms. Our education-focused professionals view each project as an opportunity to help schools attract the brightest students and faculty—inspiring creativity, inviting exploration and transforming futures.

LEO A DALY Designers Meeting

The impact of QA/QC on project timelines

For architects and engineers, inspiration fuels the drive into schematic design and beyond. Faced with problems to solve, talented designers gallop toward innovative solutions. Nevertheless, a rigorous quality assurance/quality control ...
Exterior of the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design

“Architectural triumph” at GW’s Corcoran School of the Arts & Design

In The Chronicle of Higher Education, Tim Duffy and Jess Kim discuss LEO A DALY’s complex renovation of a beloved Washington, D.C. landmark ...
LEO A DALY aids in rescuing a Miami architectural masterpiece

LEO A DALY aids in rescuing a Miami architectural masterpiece

The David W. Dyer Federal Building and U. S. Courthouse is considered Miami’s greatest Neoclassical structure. After a renovation designed by LEO A DALY, the formerly vacant structure will become ...

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