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Wake Technical Community College Opens Modern Public Safety Training Facility

A new public safety training facility at Wake Tech East campus in Wendell, North Carolina creates a best-in-class interdisciplinary facility for aspiring and current first responders to train

The public safety training facility at Wake Technical Community College

The Wake Technical Community College Public Safety Simulation Complex, designed by prime architect, Boomerang Design, and public safety specialty architect, LEO A DALY, opened in a ribbon-cutting April 23.

Spanning 80,000 square feet, the building hosts a comprehensive indoor training village, where a wide array of realistic scenarios faced by first responders can be simulated. The versatile design allows trainees to immerse themselves in various stress-stimulating scenarios, including complete darkness with distractions like strobe lights and sound, across simulated environments such as schools, hotels, or retail spaces. Adjacent classrooms serve as briefing areas, enabling seamless transitions between theoretical learning and practical training for service personnel and students alike.

The program includes a fully equipped laboratory area dedicated to the simulation and remote operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones. Wellness features provide relaxing and natural spaces, including two outdoor debriefing areas and a water feature around the building that doubles as a sustainable stormwater management system.

LEO A DALY’s Cindy McCleary, Michael Bjornberg and Daniel Yudchitz attended the ribbon-cutting.

A Three Green Globes Certified building; the training Center features one of the county’s largest building mounted photovoltaic solar arrays. Prioritizing sustainability, resiliency, and occupant well-being, the facility integrates energy-efficient and intelligent building systems, passive solar shading and daylighting, and sustainable building materials.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of first responders, including law enforcement, fire, EMS, EMT, corrections officers, and crime scene investigators, this facility serves as a vital tool for enhancing recruitment and training diversity. This facility will serve as a tool to enhance the recruitment and training of diverse groups, as well as the advanced training and certification of police officers and emergency responders. Most importantly, it will provide a working opportunity for training in integrated, cross-disciplined, multi-response training or for de-escalation techniques.

“The design of the Public Safety Simulation Center promotes real-world preparedness, interdisciplinary engagement, and meaningful community interaction,” said Project Manager and Boomerang Design Lead Principal, Duane Hutchins. “The skills that this environment builds makes for stronger partnerships between public safety agencies and the public, paving the way for safer, more resilient communities here in Wake County and the State of North Carolina.”

“As the front porch of the Eastern Wake 4.0 campus, this facility will invite practitioners and students to Wake Tech,” said Cindy McCleary, LEO A DALY managing principal, who served as the firm’s principal in charge. “This state-of-the-art facility contains the infrastructure and technology to provide first responders with critical training experiences to hone their life-saving skills.”