High-performance design

Holistic, integrative, data-driven design

At LEO A DALY, we believe that high-performance design is good design. Our range of in-house expertise enables us to work in a way that is holistic, integrative and data-driven.

Beginning in the earliest stages of a project, we use software tools to help us understand how our design decisions are impacting energy use, the quality of the indoor environment and carbon emissions, to name a few. Throughout design, we use iterative modeling to optimize both passive strategies and active systems, enabling a design process that often results in a higher performing building without compromising project schedules and budgets.

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It’s time to lead on climate

LEO A DALY calls for world governments to take decisive action to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment ...
In this resilient design concept, shipping containers are repurposed to transform a sterile parking garage into a pop-up shopping area and park-and-ride.

Resilient Design – What is resilience?

As cities around the world grapple with a pandemic, climate change and social injustice, resilient design is more important than ever ...
LEO A DALY appoints three directors of engineering

LEO A DALY appoints three directors of engineering

LEO A DALY is pleased to announce the establishment of three new Director of Engineering leadership positions at the firm. The roles will be filled by three of our most ...

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Director of Mechanical Engineering
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Vice President
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Senior High-Performance Building Engineer
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