High-performance design

Holistic, integrative, data-driven design

At LEO A DALY, we believe that high-performance design is good design. Our range of in-house expertise enables us to work in a way that is holistic, integrative and data-driven.

Beginning in the earliest stages of a project, we use software tools to help us understand how our design decisions are impacting energy use, the quality of the indoor environment and carbon emissions, to name a few. Throughout design, we use iterative modeling to optimize both passive strategies and active systems, enabling a design process that often results in a higher performing building without compromising project schedules and budgets.

Ellen Mitchell Kozack

Ellen Mitchell-Kozack shares her top 5 sustainability trends with Healthcare Design

Chief sustainabilty officer says passive survivabilty, resiliency and embodied carbon will help define the future of architecture for healthcare ...
The Heights school building, Arlington, VA

We’re all building scientists now

High-performance buildings like the Heights school in Arlington, VA, require architects to master new tools and techniques ...
BIM for O+M: Inside the Corcoran School's high-tech restoration

BIM for O+M: Inside the Corcoran School’s high-tech restoration

In BD+C, Andrew Graham, AIA and Doug Williams, CDT, discuss how building information modeling (BIM) will translate to better operations for the Corcoran School ...

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Ellen Mitchell-Kozack
Vice President
Chief Sustainability Officer
Kimberly R. Cowman
Senior Associate
National Director of Engineering
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Vice President
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Paul R. Henderson
Senior High-Performance Building Engineer
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