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LEO A DALY selected to design new Omaha Police and Fire Headquarters

Project will provide Omaha with the first phase toward a  
future modern public safety facility

The City of Omaha has selected LEO A DALY, along with partners McClaren, Wilson and Lawrie, Inc. (MWL) and Lamp Rynearson, for both Phase 1 of planning and Phase 2 of designing a new headquarters for Omaha Police and Fire Departments, which may include a fire station and police precinct. This project will provide one durable, functional civic facility that is conducive to the need for modern policing, firefighting services and emergency responsiveness. 

Since the 1970’s, OPD and OFD headquarters have served their community along downtown’s 15th Street, but in order to effectively continue a commitment to public safety, there is a need to prepare for growth with a freshly designed space. The new headquarters will look to the future with sustainable recommendations and feature an approachable, functional and secure design that will serve the community for decades, while having the potential to be an impetus for urban growth and economic development. 

Currently, the project is in the early stages of Phase 1. The LEO A DALY team will work collaboratively with the City of Omaha and key stakeholders from the Police and Fire Departments to complete Phase 1 and determine size requirements, site recommendations, cost assumptions and site due diligence, along with concept and schematic design. Phase 2 will include design development through construction administration services. Bond approval will be required to carry the project through completion of Phase 2.

In addition to recently designing West Omaha’s police precinct, the LEO A DALY team holds 25 years of experience in designing civic and municipal facilities. Expertise in this sector includes the new City of South Miami Police Headquarters in Miami, Florida and City of Forest Lake City Center, which houses city hall, police and fire station facilities in Forest Lake, Minnesota.