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Recent Articles

Adaptive Reuse Saves Embodied Carbon at Repositioned 20 Mass

Our integrated design team excels in complex adaptive reuse projects. The process of redesigning a building to support a new function utilizes our structural engineers, our systems experts, our architects and more. Our teams’ deep knowledge allows them to tackle even the most complex projects. These adaptive reuse projects create far less embodied carbon compared to demolishing and constructing a new building.

LEO A DALY recognized with regional design awards

Last week in our hometown of Omaha, two of our recent projects were invited into the spotlight.

The Omaha Rapid Bus Transit system’s 24 stations won awards from Omaha by Design, a community non-profit that advances people-centered urban design, and from the American Institute of Architects’ Nebraska chapter.

Meanwhile, the Blackstone District, which includes the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel, was recognized with a Neighborhood Revitalization Award by Omaha by Design, while the hotel won People’s Choice Interior Architecture from AIA Nebraska.


Omaha by Design Laurels Awards

  • Access and Mobility Award: ORBT (Omaha Rapid Bus Transit)
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Award: The Blackstone District, which includes the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel

AIA Nebraska 2021 Excellence in Design Awards