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Video: “Driving Change” – LEO A DALY’s 2018 AIA Film Challenge entry

For the American Institute of Architects’ 2018 Film Challenge, LEO A DALY collaborated with Omaha filmmaker Cody Jones to tell the story of Omaha Public Schools’ Mobile Learning Unit. To address the need for digital equity in North Omaha, LEO A DALY architects, engineers and interior designers transformed the former bookmobile into mobile digital classroom.

Digital equity is the idea that everyone, no matter their economic circumstances, should have the technological means to participate in society. To address the need for digital equity in North Omaha, Omaha Public Schools commissioned LEO A DALY to design a prototype Mobile Learning Unit – a STEM classroom on wheels that brings wi-fi, device access, and educational programs to students and their families.The prototype Mobile Learning Unit was converted from an existing bookmobile, and predominantly serves two elementary schools in North Omaha: Kennedy and Wakonda. In addition to expanding student access to digital technology and wi-fi, it also addresses digital literacy among parents. This critical component of the Mobile Learning Unit program ensures that parents can help their children navigate the internet is a positive and safe way.

In “Driving Change,” educators, administrators, architects, designers and fabricators share the story of the Mobile Learning Unit – its goals, design challenges and impacts on the community.