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Adaptive Reuse Saves Embodied Carbon at Repositioned 20 Mass

Our integrated design team excels in complex adaptive reuse projects. The process of redesigning a building to support a new function utilizes our structural engineers, our systems experts, our architects and more. Our teams’ deep knowledge allows them to tackle even the most complex projects. These adaptive reuse projects create far less embodied carbon compared to demolishing and constructing a new building.

Minneapolis studio expands healthcare team

Project Managers Allison Dvorak, AIA, and Michael Nelson, AIA, bring a focus on supporting medical professionals through design

LEO A DALY is pleased to announce the expansion of our healthcare design practice with the hiring of two project managers in the Minneapolis studio: Allison Dvorak and Michael Nelson.

“We’ve continued to experience tremendous growth over the last year. By leveraging this additional project management expertise, we will continue to serve our healthcare clients at the high level they’ve come to expect from our team. Allison and Michael bring a wealth of ability in carrying forward our vision for this practice,” said Market Sector Leader Daniel Abeln, AIA.

Allison Dvorak has 10 years of experience in architecture including serving as facility architect for Avera in South Dakota. Her expertise includes design and management of multi-departmental healthcare projects. She draws on this diverse background to provide her clients with a deep understanding of their process and an elevated level of service. An active member of American Institute of Architects South Dakota, Dvorak is a 2018 recipient of the AIA South Dakota Young Architects Award. She has spoken at numerous regional conferences on topics including human-centered design. Dvorak is a registered architect in South Dakota and earned a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Master of Architecture from North Dakota State University.

With 23 years of experience, Nelson brings expertise in management of healthcare projects from small renovations to major hospital expansions. Nelson is an active member of the community serving the Midtown Greenway Coalition on its executive committee and as board secretary and as former executive board president. He is a registered architect in Minnesota with a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Miami University, Oxford Ohio and a Master of Architecture from the University of Minnesota.

Dvorak and Nelson have dedicated their careers to serving clients and improving the healthcare industry. Supporting medical professionals through design is what they do best. They are a perfect fit with LEO A DALY, and our vision of enhancing the human experience through design.