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LEO A DALY selected to design athletic facilities upgrades at Peru State College

After a year of planning, LEO A DALY will design upgrades to sports facilities, which will expand wellness and recreation opportunities for all students and faculty.

LEO A DALY has been selected to design upgrades that will elevate athletics and recreation programs at Peru State College. Design commenced in July with LEO A DALY leading architectural, civil, interior, structural and fire protection design services. Confluence is providing landscape architecture services, and Advanced Engineering Systems is providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services. Sampson Construction is the construction manager.

Upgrades, now in design, include five new buildings, which will house practice fields for a variety of sports, including softball, baseball and football. New gymnasia will add two courts for sports such as basketball and volleyball. This project will also add a new weight room, golf simulators, athletic treatment and training, locker rooms and a nutrition bar. Spectators will enjoy access to new concessions and public restrooms.

The design phase follows a yearlong planning phase, during which LEO A DALY led stakeholder outreach with students, faculty and administration, to identify high-value opportunities to enhance campus recreation and team sports. At a cost of $14.6 million, this investment represents the school’s largest construction project in 155 years.

After surveying students and hosting more than a dozen charrettes, LEO A DALY led development of a formal Program Statement, which details the design and functional requirements for PSC’s new facilities. The Program Statement has helped the school secure $10.6 million in funding from the state government and college fund dedicated to construction projects.

Known as Project ROAR (Renewed Opportunities for Activity and Recreation), these campus enhancements will relieve over-booked spaces in the existing Al Wheeler Activity Center. Despite challenging and hilly topography near the Missouri River, the design will blend with PSC’s Thousand Oaks Arboretum campus, adding sidewalk and shade trees. Paved entry plazas will welcome visitors to the new buildings. Parking lots and access roads to playing fields will also be upgraded and adorned with branding elements that assist in wayfinding.

A new, 6,300 SF indoor practice dome for baseball and softball will modernize athlete experiences while accommodating practice in any weather. Support buildings will house lockers, athletic training, and office and conference space for coaches. The largest building, an 80,000 SF air-supported structure, will expand access for everyone on campus to advanced fitness and recreation opportunities. The extensive planning process prior to design led to features and programming tailored to the needs of athletes and non-athletes alike.

“Whether students and faculty want to participate in morning yoga, collegiate sports or intramurals, they will enjoy experiences designed to address whole-person physical wellbeing,” said LEO A DALY Project Manager Erin Froschheiser.

For more information, visit the PSC project page.