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Adaptive Reuse Saves Embodied Carbon at Repositioned 20 Mass

Our integrated design team excels in complex adaptive reuse projects. The process of redesigning a building to support a new function utilizes our structural engineers, our systems experts, our architects and more. Our teams’ deep knowledge allows them to tackle even the most complex projects. These adaptive reuse projects create far less embodied carbon compared to demolishing and constructing a new building.

UNMC administration building to anchor “innovation hub”

In today’s Omaha World-Herald, the University of Nebraska Medical Center unveiled LEO A DALY’s design for a major new redevelopment on Saddle Creek Road

UNMC Administration Building

A new megaproject at the University of Nebraska Medical Center campus will transform a stretch of Saddle Creek Road into an “innovation hub.” Anchoring the development will be a 350,000-square-foot administration building designed by LEO A DALY.

The following is adapted from the Omaha World-Herald article by Cindy Gonzalez:

The biggest piece of midtown Omaha’s new Saddle Creek redevelopment site should start rising as early as next spring: a 350,000-square-foot administration facility serving the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Planned for the southwest corner of Saddle Creek Road and Farnam Street, the tiered complex could stretch as high as 17 floors and will house work and office space for clinical faculty as well as shops and retail bays.

Perhaps the most notable feature: The roof of the low-rise parking garage will resemble a small park that extends east and over busy Saddle Creek Road. Serving as a pedestrian crossing, the landscaped bridge could be as wide as 60 feet, and will link the new development to the existing UNMC campus.

When the overall, sprawling Saddle Creek redevelopment site is completely built out – that could take a decade or two – it should contain about 1.75 million square feet of building space, said Brian Spencer, director of facilities and clinical space planning for UNMC and Nebraska Medicine. That adds to the 9 million square feet of buildings already at the medical campus.

“Super meaningful campus growth,” said Spencer.

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