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Recent Articles

Pam Bothwell Named Director of Business Development in Washington D.C.

Bothwell is a long-time, local professional with deep experience in architecture, engineering and construction.

Pam Bothwell is Director of Business Development for the Washington, D.C. studio of LEO A DALY

LEO A DALY is pleased to announce Pam Bothwell as director of business development in the Washington D.C. design studio. Her experience living in the capital city and working across the design industry for decades lends extensive value to client relationships and projects that impact the economic and social fabric of the community.

“Pam understands and connects with the people and the complex processes involved with building projects in the capital city,” celebrated Rauzia Ally, managing principal of the Washington D.C. studio. “As a local business owner who has also held board positions for CREW, IIDA and IFMA, Pam is known for her dedicated service, valuable knowledge and integrity.”

Bothwell is honored to join the integrated team of designers, architects and engineers. “I have been deeply engaged in the community and have heard the resounding respect for LEO A DALY’s 60 years of service and work here.” A collector of local art, Bothwell also crosses paths with many who appreciate design from several different perspectives.

LEO A DALY’s long list of projects impacting the city include the recent redesign of the award-winning 20 Massachusetts Avenue.