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Six tips for rethinking an outdated hotel atrium

Dated elements, undulating floor plans and towering ceilings make giant atriums a design challenge for hoteliers. In LODGING, we share six tips for reinventing an oversized atrium as an amenity hub guests love.

This article first appeared in LODGING. Read the full article here.

Big hotel atriums from the big-hair 80s can be a sore spot for hoteliers today as guests crave more intimate, human-scale environments. Those colossal space-frame-enclosed spaces that once wowed guests with their grandeur now leave them feeling cold and uncomfortable. Increasingly, guests are leaving the lobby in search of character-rich urban environments and authentic local bites to populate their Instagram feeds.

Still, there’s something iconic about those monumental atriums. At their best, they give a feeling of space and light, and a visual link to the exterior environment. So how can owners modernize those enormous spaces for today’s guest?

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