Xcel Energy Analytical Testing Labs

Minneapolis, Minnesota

LEO A DALY has designed 7 advanced analytical chemistry labs for Xcel Energy on their Minneapolis campus. Each lab is unique and tailored to workflows around the specific contaminants each team is testing for. Through targeted in-depth interviews, programming workshops, hazardous chemical assessments, and a robust Owner’s Project Requirements exercise, LEO A DALY and Xcel were able to transform an aging parking ramp, into a state-of-the-art multi-lab facility, complete with extensive hoods, advanced airflow measures, staff amenities, and ample daylighting. The project is a 20-year building, ensuring the health and safety of Xcel’s national operations for years to come.


Xcel Energy

At a glance

25,000 SF

7 advanced analytical chemistry labs


Multi-lab facility

Advanced airflow measures

Staff amenities, and ample daylighting


Full architecture and engineering services