Xcel Energy Analytical Testing Labs, Office, & Fleet Maintenance Facility

Minneapolis, Minnesota

​The redevelopment and modernization of this portion of the 11-acre urban utility campus in downtown Minneapolis prepares Xcel Energy and the surrounding communities for the next 100 years of reliable and resilient service. Envisioned as an agent for change, the high-performance project includes a four-story office building, advanced analytical labs, and a fleet maintenance garage. These structural and varied-use combinations present unique energy design challenges.

The deeply experienced and integrated design team guided Xcel leadership through decisions that ensure the client reaches their carbon-free commitment by 2050. Navigating the HVAC-intensive lab requirements and the repeated opening and closing of the large overhead doors of the service garage are some of the project challenges. Innovative passive strategy solutions include preheating all ducting with a transpired solar wall and rooftop solar ducting. Full electrification led to shifting the campus backup power to lithium ion and electric heat instead of gas. Integrated solar tubes on the service level reduced the need for artificial light in the building by 35%.

The 20,000-sf laboratory component showcases low-embodied-energy construction while prioritizing optimal workflow, comfort, and safety. Laboratories were designed to identify metals, radioactive samples, PFAS, mercury, and lead at trace amounts.  Extensive analytical instrumentation requiring a laboratory gas system was designed to meet this need.  Extensive acid digestion processes required acid fume hoods, fiberglass ductwork, and high plume exhaust systems.  The laboratory gas piping was designed to ultra-pure specifications with quick connects, auto changing manifolds, and extensive planning for a high lab gas use facility. Safety was paramount which required PPE stations, high air exchange rates, acid resistant surfaces, a large chemical inventory, gas monitoring system and shut offs, explosion proof fans and receptacles, an extensive flammable safety analysis, and a very large pH neutralization system, for wastewater. The project also required an extensive lab water system with polishers throughout the facility. It includes:

  • Mapping workflows and critical adjacencies with considering lab certifications and accreditations sought to be maintained or integrated.
  • Metals Lab
  • Radiology Lab
  • Water Lab
  • PFAS Lab
  • Oil Lab
  • Coal Lab
  • Mercury Lab
  • Lead Lab
  • Soil Lab
  • Lab Infrastructure: Extensive Lab gas piping system to heavy instrumentation laboratories, lab water system, & large walk-in coolers
  • Meeting all governmental, state, and referenced building codes for environmental laboratory conditions.
  • Included accurate classification, definition, and quantification of chemicals, procedures, and systems, addressed rigorous environmental and safety standards, with newly designed fire suppression system that uses synthetic fluorine-free foam.


Xcel Energy

At a glance

  • 313,000 SF
  • Four-Stories


  • 20,000 SF of advanced analytical chemistry resources labs
  • Hazardous waste storage and processing area
  • Advanced airflow measures
  • Mapping workflows and critical adjacencies with considering lab certifications and accreditations sought to be maintained or integrated.


  • Project Management
  • Architecture
  • Laboratory Planning
  • Engineering
  • Interior Design