US Department of Veterans Affairs, Downtown Los Angeles Ambulatory Clinic

Los Angeles, California

LEO A DALY renovated two floors of approximately 10,000 SF of this clinic, which provides outpatient care, clinical services and mental health care within the Veterans Administration Healthcare network of greater Los Angeles.

Programmed space includes: patient assessment and interview rooms, group therapy rooms, administrative offices, mind/body therapy room, meditation room and conference rooms. On the second floor, two central areas of patient interview rooms and an office suite on the west corner were also renovated.

On the third floor, several areas on the southeast corner that were originally designated for research and occupational therapy will be combined to serve as a multi-purpose space dedicated to patient therapy.

Client goals for this project include enhanced patient flow from the waiting areas through to treatment, and interior finishes that provide a more comforting and healing environment. The overall goal is the integration of primary care with mental health. This integration will enhance patient access through co-location, while improving efficiency, coordination and communication.


US Department of Veterans Affairs

At a glance

10,000-SF renovation of ambulatory clinic

Mental health care

Enhanced patient flow


Patient assessment and interview rooms

Group therapy rooms

Administrative offices

Mind/body therapy room

Meditation room

Conference rooms

Multi-purpose space



Architectural design


Interior design