University of the District of Columbia, Campus-Wide Laboratory Renovations

Washington , District of Columbia

LEO A DALY was awarded the renovation of The Academic Labs Building 44, comprising research, teaching laboratories and classrooms. Our first step was to develop a recommendation that identified the most pressing needs and prioritized work to be completed in other phases.

A complete facility assessment was completed that evaluated the current condition of the various labs. A detailed matrix defining the scope of requirements in each room was developed. Cost estimates were completed for each room, floor or building as appropriate for the various pricing units. With the University, decisions were made that clearly delineated the first phase scope and all subsequent phases of construction. As a result, a full renovation and replacement of science laboratories in Building 44, including supporting infrastructure, to create code compliant, state of- the art teaching laboratories for the biology, chemistry, and physics teaching departments was completed.

Building infrastructure upgrades included replacing HVAC equipment and installing an automatic sprinkler system. Construction was phased to allow for continued partial occupancy of the building during construction.


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