Royal Sonesta at 20 Mass

Washington, D.C.

Strategically positioned in Washington’s urban core, with prominent visibility along Massachusetts Avenue, this reimagined urban structure will be transformed into a unique hotel that blends classical nuances of stature with the vibrancy and dynamic vibe of the city’s well-established art scene. The building brings together hotel functions with multi-floor office space, complemented by shared state-of-the-art common areas: penthouse conference and lounge spaces and retail and dining spaces at the street level.

The hotel is designed to be a masterpiece of art in the heart of the nation’s capital. The interior envelope serves as a white canvas, while bold pops of color infuse the space with the vibrancy of the city’s thriving art scene. The hotel lobby is designed to offer clarity and ease of orientation at a glance upon entry. All of the lobby spaces elegantly flow and functionally interconnect to support unique programmatic needs. The diagonal fabric of the urban street geometry is intentionally continued into the main hotel arrival lobby to ensure unique spatial character and sense of discovery along a special journey.

Lounge seating clusters form a rhythmic sequence along the two-story glazing facing Massachusetts Avenue. Each cluster sits on custom art-inspired rugs and offers views towards the city, while the reception desks and lobby and the mezzanine level meeting spaces flank the two-story space above the reception zone. Guestrooms feature a navy and neutral color palette that focuses on creating a relaxing environment for guests. Clean lines and sophisticated finishes continue the contemporary and modern feel started in the public areas.


The RMR Group

At a glance

Elegant hotel within vibrant mixed-use development that features state-of-the-art shared amenity spaces


Penthouse conference and lounge spaces with rooftop deck and city views

Lounge seating clusters along two-story glazing facing Massachusetts Avenue



Interior design