Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Forensics and Technology Facility

West Palm Beach, Florida

LEO A DALY’s design relocates the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Property & Evidence (P&E) and Forensics Sciences divisions into a new, multi-story facility. The greenfield site and building is planned according to lean work-flow strategy, optimizing flow of work by aligning key adjacencies and support functions.

The Forensics Division occupies the second floor, providing critical labs for chemistry, toxicology, data, finger prints and firearms/ballistics. LEO A DALY’s design ensures proper flow through labs and lean philosophies for the identification of support spaces, central storage, dedicated and secured ancillary spaces. A ballistics watertank and single-lane firing range round out the lab spaces. Dedicated training rooms, QA/QC offices, administration and break and conferencing spaces serve the Division.

The P&E spaces consist of officer intake and packaging areas, secure processing and storage. The processing and evidence warehouse includes bulk central storage areas, as well as dedicated currency, jewelry, fire arms, narcotics vaults, flammables vaults, secure sally ports and destruction areas. Separate secured entry points for property pick up and legal and evidence viewings are aligned to eliminate potential cross conflict, visible vulnerability or security concerns. Additionally, the project includes new impound facilities (surface and structured) for 400-500 vehicles for forfeited, investigative vehicles, homicide and processing.


Palm Beach County

At a glance


400-500 Car Impound Lot

16 Acres


Toxicology and blood chemistry labs and instrumentation rooms

PPE, equipment loading / receiving / secure storage.

Destruction storage and bio-safety storage for materials de-accessioned

Chemical, water, DI, air compression loading, secure storage, and protection

Crime scene evidence control, intake, extraction and storage

Narcotics and bio-logical storage

Facility designed to be FBI narcotics storage, CALEA and ASCLD accreditation.


Project Management


Laboratory Planning

Interior Design

Construction Administration