Owatonna Public Utilities

Owatonna, Minnesota

After a flood damaged the power generation equipment at the Owatonna Power Plant, LEO A DALY conducted a study to explore the possibility of re-purposing the power plant, which was an iconic structure in the community. The study explored the needs of Owatonna Public Utilities (OPU) and the options to re-purpose the power plant and surrounding buildings. Upon completion, the study confirmed that the most efficient re-use would be to combine all primary OPU functions into one building, enabling the group to successfully reuse and retain the historically significant structure. After the study, the design team continued to work with OPU on the facility renovation, new parking garage, storage and associated projects.


Owatonna Public Utilities

At a glance

51,000 SF

Parking garage



Study determined re-use of flood damaged building to restore iconic structure in the community

Sensitive equipment demolition coordination


Master planning

Re-purposing programming

Architectural design


Interior design

Flood mitigation design