Omaha Rapid Bus Transit (ORBT)

Omaha, Nebraska

We partnered with METRO to bring a signature aesthetic to its ORBT bus rapid transit stations while meeting site-specific engineering demands during two years of detailed design and coordination. We leveraged our expertise in prefabrication to enhance rapid on-site constructability, reducing traffic disruptions. The ORBT system is expected to open in 2020.

In addition to significantly diminishing downtime on Dodge Street, prefabrication ensures that the canopies are manufactured in a controlled environment with consistent quality-control measures. The steel canopies include custom glass with LED lighting already installed. When they are delivered to each site, they will effectively “plug-and-play.”

Each of the 24 stations has its own challenges — soil quality, slopes, utilities and other site-specific circumstances. Nevertheless, our coordinated engineering and prefabrication planning are helping METRO meet rigorous construction schedules while conveying a uniform, high-quality brand and staying on budget.


Metro Transit

At a glance

24 transit stations and platforms: 12 eastbound and 12 westbound along Omaha’s main surface artery


Level boarding; pre-manufactured components to reduce construction time and traffic interruptions; touch-screen system maps, real-time ETAs and ticket-vending technology integrated


All planning and design services for 24 stations and platforms