Miami-Dade College, School of Justice Tactical Training Facility

Miami, FL

The Miami Dade College, School of Justice Law Enforcement Training Academy serves the law enforcement, security and correctional officer, fire fighter and EMS academic accreditation and certification programs of the school. The facility is the largest training facility of its kind on the east coast.

The 80,000-SF tactical training facility will become an all-inclusive public safety training center to support special response teams, correctional officer, emergency response training, Homeland Security and fire rescue high liability training. The facility will provide scenario role play opportunities, an officer survival city including rappelling capability, use of training ammunition, isolation drills, scenario rooms, virtual judgment simulation labs, tactical driving simulators and defense tactics training to enhance officer skills in emergency/crisis mitigation techniques. The facility will include a Vitra/Blue Fire training lab, tactical lab, dispatch training lab, 12-lane fire arms training range, mock-courtroom and mock-intake and physical training room spaces.


Miami-Dade College

At a glance

80,000 SF


  • Officer Survival City
  • 12-Lane Indoor Firing Range
  • Multiple Simulation/Virtual Training Labs
  • Tactical driving Simulators
  • Mock Courtroom
  • Physical Training Room Spaces
  • Maintenance Bay



Existing building analysis

Master planning

Architectural design

Construction administration