Los Angeles Unified School District – South Region High School No. 9

Los Angeles, CA

A unique aspect of the chosen High School #9 site is its adjacency to the Los Angeles River. Using this as an influence on the design, the site strategy employs a path connecting one end of the campus to the other. This path moves and bends through the campus, mimicking the “flow of a river.” In turn, the buildings throughout the campus are angled to reinforce movement from the entry plaza to the play fields. Along the path, a central green space is broken up into smaller courtyards for each small school, as well as a larger central courtyard.

The South Region High School No. 9 campus is designed to the latest guidelines of the LAUSD School Design Guide and the Planning and Design Guidelines for Small Learning Communities [SLC].
Since there are several buildings comprising the high school campus, careful attention is given to the design of the buildings as a group.

The project includes the following principal components:

  • Three Small Learning Communities, each housing classroom, laboratory, and library functions
  • Administration Building
  • Gymnasium and Multi-Purpose Building
  • Performing Arts with adjoining food service and kitchen
  • Maintenance and Operation facility


Los Angeles Unified School District

At a glance

  • 107,175 SF


  • General Classrooms
  • Teaching Laboratories
  • Gymnasium
  • Performing Arts
  • Food Service & Kitchen
  • Maintenance & Operational Facility
  • Green Space


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Structural Engineering