KLX Aerospace Solutions Headquarters

Miami, Florida

KLX Aerospace desired to consolidate several facilities with varied functions to one location. LEO A DALY was selected to design an environment that promotes efficiency and functionality while adhering to ergonomics; a state-of-the-art administrative space that would express the company’s success and reflect their brand. KLX also recognized the importance of a welcoming workplace to improve employee retention, leading to increased productivity. The facility also needed a client accessible area for customer service.

LEO A DALY created a space to carry forward the KLX brand, customer service mission and focus with a design that will allow for flexibility, future growth and a pleasant work environment. The two-story facility allowed for a clear division between public and private spaces. Customer service and other client serving departments are located on the ground floor allowing easy access for visitors. When designing the second floor, LEO A DALY located executive offices and the administrative spaces with consideration to space adjacencies that would best utilize staff interaction and collaboration.

A grand staircase provides a vertical connection in the main lobby with control points created to limit access from the public to the administrative area. Finishes and materials create a cohesive dynamic design. The corporate colors (blue and orange) have been used to enhance and define spaces as well as to reflect the KLX brand. Expansive use of glass gives the illusion of large welcoming spaces while still providing access control and privacy. A wonderfully dynamic space was created for the rest and recreation of employees and expresses “work hard-play hard” as well as relaxation.


KLX Aerospace Solutions, Inc.

At a glance

100,000-SF corporate headquarters


Environment promotes efficiency and functionality

Two-story facility provides clear division between public and private spaces

Corporate branding and mission infused throughout the space 


Interior design

Construction administration

Construction documents