China Mobile International Information Port Campus

Beijing, People's Republic of China

The 148,000-SM (1.6M-SF) China Mobile Information Campus is located in suburban Beijing and consists of a research and development office building, laboratory building and a public facilities building. LEO A DALY’s design creates a comfortable and energy efficient work environment that emphasizes the concept of communication and connectivity. To achieve these goals, a series of indoor and outdoor spaces create a highly engaged work environment and a unique image for each building. The facade design of the research and development office buildings includes stairways next to exterior glass walls that merge at various elevated gathering spaces. The rooftops feature open green spaces.

The research and development office buildings consist of offices, laboratories and canteens. The public facility building design reflects the same concepts as the surrounding buildings and incorporates circulation spaces that wrap a central courtyard. This building includes restaurant areas, museum spaces, a multi-functional hall, a cafe, convenience shops, a bank and a book bar. LEO A DALY provided building design and landscape architecture, while WDCE, a local design institute, provided interior design services.


China Mobile Communications Corporation

At a glance

148,000 SM (1.6 million SF)

Research and development office building

Laboratory building

Public facilities building


Indoor and outdoor spaces

Central courtyard gathering spaces in a natural environment


Project Management

Master Planning