Holy Trinity Church and School

San Pedro, California

Holy Trinity renovated its church to better reflect the new Vatican II guidelines and create a greater sense of community as it is expressed in the organization of the worship space – all on a very cost-conscious budget. Full interior and architectural services were provided for the renovation and expansion of the 14,000-SF church and the 23,500-SF school in San Pedro, California. The layout of the main sanctuary was redesigned, adding a new baptistery and centralized seating format to capture the community’s focus. At the church’s request, existing church relics were reused in new ceremonial design elements, including a new altar and baptismal font. The school was also updated and enlarged with new classrooms and offices.


Archdiocese of Los Angeles

At a glance

14,000 SF Church

23,500 SF School


Reuse of existing church relics on the new altar and baptismal font.


Project management
Architectural design
Interior design