Holloman AFB Medical Clinic Replacement

Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico

The Holloman Air Force Base Medical Clinic replacement modernizes and consolidates five separate structures into a 98,899-SF two-story facility. The project provides outpatient primary and selected specialty care clinics, medical logistics, flight medicine, clinical pharmacy, lab, radiology, physical therapy, and administrative space. One of the main features within the building is a three-story communicating space that provides connectivity between clinical functions and a visual connection between levels.

One of the primary LEED for healthcare design enhancements is the development of four patient respite areas. Evidence-based design was used to positively influence and provide healing and therapeutic environments to help improve patient and staff satisfaction, enhance efficiency, and support the latest technological advances. DoD principles for world class medical facilities were used to enhance the overall design concept. This project includes anti-terrorism/force protection, enhanced commissioning, and comprehensive interior design.


Holloman Air Force Base, Medical Clinic Replacement

At a glance

98,899 SF

2 stories



Physical therapy space

Administrative space

LEED silver certification

Healthcare new construction and major renovation


Medical clinic replacement

Five building consolidation

Modernized outpatient primary and selected specialty care clinics

Three-story communicating space

Evidence-based design

DoD principles for world class medical facilities applied to design

Anti-terrorism/force protection


Architectural design

Engineering: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, civil

Bridging and planning documents