Claas Omaha, Product Development, Warehouse and Training Facility

Omaha, NE

With agriculture being Nebraska’s number one industry and manufacturing number two, Claas needed more space to provide the much-needed research and implementation of agricultural manufacturing. Designed with the human element in technical problem solving to improve how their people, information, and material flow from idea to implementation, Claas selected LEO A DALY to design an 38,440 SF expansion to the 200,000 SF facility that was originally designed in 2000 by our firm.

The two-story addition includes a variety of product research and development and office types – formal and informal, large group, small group, individual, active, problem-based, and maker-spaces – to provide choice and diversity on-site and virtually. Technicians and research developers can be in reviewing maintenance manuals, then quickly head down to the temperature-controlled equipment bays to test their innovative ideas in real-time with the largest Claas machines. These bays are separated by vertically stored partitions that are designed to maintain floor space and reduce the sound transfer between spaces when engines are running in the lab space.

The final design incorporates the entire Claas system, including the business aspects, promoting dynamic user engagement, meaningful trainer-trainee interaction, and accelerate innovation that responds to and anticipates emerging trends in agriculture, manufacturing, and distribution. Future expansion for additional training space was designed as well so Claas could budget for future lab/classroom space in the near future.


Claas Omaha

At a glance

  • 200,000-SF New (2002)
  • 38,440-SF Addition (2019)
  • Collaborative training/education workspace


  • Showroom & product display area
  • 27-foot clear height and includes a “flat floor” production line to allow for the use of air pallets
  • State-of-the-art classrooms & teaching labs
  • Test cell area for product testing
  • Wash booth, paint booth, and oven areas
  • A prototypical configuration area
  • Assembly space contains cranes throughout for product movement and is also served by a large, compressed air system for tool and equipment operation


  • Site evaluation
  • Programming
  • Pre-design
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and civil engineering
  • Construction administration services