Carson Headquarters

Omaha, Nebraska

Based on intensive research of Carson’s brand and values, LEO A DALY developed the design concept for Carson headquarters to embrace a thriving, work-live-play culture. The 194,000-SF office campus features two four-story glass towers joined by a two-story amenity zone. Inside the amenity zone, named “Carson Commons,” visitors and Carson employees, known as “stakeholders,” will dine, socialize and nourish their health with café and fitness amenities.

Founded by Ron Carson in Omaha in the 1980s, Carson today comprises 1,400 member firms, more than 110 partner offices, and it manages $18 billion in assets. Visitors to the new headquarters from Carson’s partners, advisors and coaches will be frequent and common. Its campus will reflect and support its culture while also making lasting impressions on visitors.

LEO A DALY’s design for Carson headquarters earned the moniker “Ascend” based on its upward-sweeping rooflines, which reference Carson’s “guided by growth – live life by design, not by default” value. The exterior features a transparent skin that will invite ample interior daylighting to a mix of private and collaborative workspaces, while conveying outwardly Carson’s value of transparency.

Integrated amenities such as courtyards, a rooftop terrace and the central amenity zone reinforce Carson’s passion for its people and its obsession with the client experience. Carson’s “family” philosophy toward its employees informs the interior design. Public areas are designated as “living room,” “front porch” and “kitchen table,” and the materiality is light and open, with natural wood accents lending warmth, like an invitation, especially when made visually prominent by streams of daylight.

Orientation of the campus opens southward, maximizing diurnal cycles in all of Nebraska’s four seasons. From higher elevations, it also offers sweeping views of Heartwood Preserve, the adjacent 500-acre mixed-use development. Mobility connections within the development and the nearby 144th Street shared-use trail will offer multimodal commuting options.

The new headquarters establishes dramatic new cityscapes in West Omaha while providing a workplace custom tailored for Carson’s unique business and culture.


Inspiration: Design Architect Jonathan Fliege and Carson CEO Ron Carson discuss design concept “Ascend”


Tetrad Property Group/Goldenrod Capital Partners

At a glance

Landscaped, roughly 8-acre campus with three connected buildings, totaling 194,000 SF and 651 surface parking stalls

Construction cost estimated at $80 million


Amenities hub with cafe and fitness facilities


Rooftop terraces

Unique multi-purpose lobby that functions as a stairway and gathering space




Interior design

Mechanical, electrical and structural engineering

Lighting design

Construction administration