C & G International Center

Xiamen, People's Republic of China

This Class ‘A’ headquarters building contains commercial offices, support retail and restaurant levels, as well as five levels of below grade parking. As envisioned, the sustainable development is a 140-M (459-ft) commercial office tower, featuring a three-story main entry lobby and top floor executive offices.

LEO A DALY’s design features a series of vertical planes that spiral around the floor periphery, with each plane overlapped by the adjacent plane, creating a sense of rotation. Curving the base of the tower inward at grade, outward at mid-height and inward at top further refines verticality and perceived rotation. A smooth, glass facade reinforces the strong, sculptural form.


C&G Land (China) Co., Ltd. (C&G Group)

At a glance

60,000 SM (645,000 SF) tower

140 M (459 foot) tall

Parking: 5 levels below grade


Class ‘A’ office building

Top floor executive offices

Glass facade

International coastal location


Architectural design