Braum’s Bakery

Tuttle, Oklahoma

Braum’s Bakery required a facility to support food preparation for their numerous and varied product lines that minimized maintenance and operating costs. The ammonia refrigeration system includes four compressors serving the cooler/freezer rooms, two glycol chillers and two ingredient chillers. Three boilers provide steam for the sponge fermentation room, proofers, steam kettle, nut roaster, rack washer, belt washers and CIP system. Ingredient conveying systems include a pneumatic flour conveyor for three flour types, liquid for sweeteners and oils, and batter lines for the manufacturing of cones. HVAC system washable fabric ducts are used to provide additional filtering and ease of cleaning. Observation mezzanines are provided for public tours. LEO A DALY tailored this design to be self-contracted by the Owner.


Braum’s Company

At a glance

104,600 SF


Multiple and varied food preparation systems


Architecture & engineering