Bernstein Management Corporation

Washington, D.C.

Bernstein Management Corporation is a leader in the Washington, D.C., region in real estate management, investment and development. Relocating within the same building, but to a different floor, afforded Bernstein the opportunity to redesign its office and workplace to reflect its brand and deliver solutions that promote employee productivity, flexibility and company culture.

LEO A DALY’s design solution supports an open plan concept throughout the office, promoting transparency, collaboration and contemporary design solutions. Natural light fills the space, while bright, warm and natural finishes modernize the office’s look and bring a level of excitement and freshness to the space.

In addition to a front office reception desk, guest seating and conference rooms, LEO A DALY designed more than 30 low-profile workstations and a dozen private offices. The low-profile workstations underscore the office’s “open” concept, promoting increased collaboration and communication between employees. The offices line the perimeter of the floor plate, and each has glass fronts and sliding glass doors, further emphasizing the openness and transparency of the space overall.


Bernstein Management Corporation

At a glance

9,000+ SF renovation

Reception, conference, cafeteria/kitchen, soft seating, 30 workstations, 12 private offices


Flexible design solutions

Open plan concept

Promotion of natural light and finishes


Interior design

Mechanical and electrical engineering

Furniture, fixtures and equipment