A.T. House Hotel

Shanghai, People's Republic of China

As the A.T. House Hotel team and our team gathered together, they wanted to create a unique brand that can accommodate myriad individuals with different personalities. The location of the property is in a district where the first book of western geometry was translated into Chinese. Designers were inspired by this, and created a metaphor around each shape, form and pattern. They symbolize the unique guests who visit and experience the hotel.

The design is tailor-made for specific types of travelers through the evolution of the lobby design, common social spaces and efficient uses of the guest rooms. The hotel design captures the rich cultural heritage and local contemporary scene of Xujiahui. Our designers sought to make the ground floor resemble a neighborhood hangout rather than a traditional 5-star hotel lobby. It incorporates a curated Xujiahui history, such as a geometric patterned floor, geometrical rhythm of wall finishes that are applied in different colors and a café designed by celebrated local baristas. It also provides large creative spaces, green-friendly OS&Es, as well as private igloos where intimacy and privacy are promised in the public spaces.



At a glance

250 guest rooms

All public spaces


Design incorporates geometric patterned floor, geometrical rhythm of wall finishes

Café designed by celebrated local baristas

Large creative spaces, green-friendly OS&E’s and private igloos for private conversations within public spaces


Interior design