555 Ross Avenue

Dallas, Texas

Located in the heart of the West End Market District of Dallas, 555 Ross Avenue is a vibrant multi-family residential community. LEO A DALY’s design is inspired by the historic West End industrial rail yard of the late 1860s, which paved the way for the success of Dallas as a thriving city. 

Upon arrival, residents and their guests are welcomed with materials and finishes that pay homage to this rich industrial past. Wing back chairs and a chesterfield tufted sofa provide a modern take on the luxury of the classic Pullman sleeper cars. Nail head details on the upholstery along with combinations of iron and polished brass used in the light coves add an industrial feel. The wood clad beverage center is reminiscent of railroad ties, while framed photos of historic railroad equipment highlight the location’s historic past.

Residents congregate for evening mixers and host social events in the First Floor Cafe. Combinations of live edge woods with bold wood grains reflect the craftsmanship used to construct water towers seen along rail lines. The white tone of the counter tops comes directly from the white rock that formed the track ballasts on which the railroad ties were laid. Small touches of aquamarine add visual interest and bring calm to the space. 

The extension of the Cafe opens up to a voluminous space. Light, airy sheers rise toward the ceiling like billows of smoke. A large banquette with wood and tufted seating covered in a Texas style clay brick colored vinyl provides a central focal point within the space. Two metal and crystal orbs inspired by gyroscopes commonly used for navigation hang from the ceiling like fine jewelry.


Fairfield Development

At a glance

23,560 SF


Vibrant residential living community

Design takes inspiration from surrounding neighborhood’s historic, industrial past


Interior design