Development & Education

Lifelong learning

We’re only as successful as our people, so we make nurturing talent a critical part of our business philosophy. We seek out professionals who want to grow into leaders, and we fuel those aspirations by providing access to the best learning opportunities.

Professional growth

LEO A DALY offers many professional, company-funded growth opportunities for employees in an array of areas, including:

  • Project management
  • LEED accreditation
  • WELL accreditation
  • Risk management
  • Internships
  • Technical skills
  • Internal seminars
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Most of our staff members are active participants in professional organizations such as AIA, ACEC, SAME and SMPS, as well as community groups.


The Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute program specifically addresses LEO A DALY’s commitment to its staff worldwide. The competitive program aims, through a series of learning modules, to prepare talented employees for leadership roles and to define and develop their corresponding skills and responsibilities.

Following completion of the Leadership Institute, each graduating class member is challenged to move forward under an active leadership mentoring program in their respective office, incorporating the framework of their Leadership Effectiveness Action Plan (LEAP), which they are required to develop for post-Leadership Institute growth.

The Leadership Advisory Board (LAB)

Each graduating Leadership Institute class member is encouraged to join the Leadership Advisory Board (LAB), an active and highly engaged team of Leadership Institute graduates company-wide who are passionate about continuing to exercise their leadership skills, while influencing LEO A DALY to be the very best we can be. The board is driven by the goal of leading positive change that strengthens our internal relationships and grows our people.