Claridge’s Hotel Corner Suite

London, United Kingdom

​Set in the heart of Mayfair, Claridge’s Hotel was the first art deco hotel in a prestigious area of London known for its upper houses, historical museums, galleries and churches. An elegant escape, it continues to attract and accommodate world-class guests. LEO A DALY’s renovation of the corner suite at Claridge’s Hotel embraces the creation of “The Great House.” Capturing the dynamically rich history of the capital, this suite is designed to showcase traditional British hospitality at its finest. Honoring the unique elements of the British interior, it is bespoke and classically tailored, layering in the occasional eccentricities to provide a modern twist.

Upon arrival, guests are immersed in a delicate, yet bright, environment infused with natural light. The first impression of the design is one of grandeur, enhanced with traditional moulding details, handcrafted by local artisans, richly pattered hardwood floors embellished with handcrafted tile inlays at the entry and hand painted wall panels by a local artist. Each space is designed to the highest level of luxury, creating a delicate interplay between social and private; historic and modern; and vibrant and tranquil. Rich colors adorn the drawing room, while softer, subdued hues envelop the bedroom. Each piece of furniture was custom crafted by London-based furniture manufacturer Ben Whistler. The area rugs are hand woven of the finest wool. Every detail of the suite received consideration and thoughtful design.

Rare and unique materials are the distinguishing characteristics of the feature suite, providing guests an experience basked in elegance and sophistication that celebrates history, embraces today and shapes tomorrow.


Maybourne Hotel Group

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Feature suite renovation


Tailor-made furnishings

Warm lighting

Elegant interiors honor classic, traditional architecture


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